Ross Medical Education Center Ann Arbor Dental Assistant Students Visit Elementary

Ann Arbor Dental Assistant Students Go Back to Kindergarten

michaelajoy Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ross Medical Education Center Ann Arbor Dental Assistant Students Visit ElementaryDuring Dental Assistant Recognition Week from March 7th through the 12th, the Ross Medical Education Center students in the Dental Assistant program in Ann Arbor, Michigan celebrated by visiting a local elementary school. They took a trip to Perry Elementary School in Perry, Michigan to teach kindergarten children about dental hygiene. The class chose the Perry school because one of the Dental Assistant students has a child attending the school. The students and their Instructor, Sara Ledesma, wanted to create a fun and informative event for the children. They decided to use a Super Hero theme to keep the children interested.

In the weeks leading up to the visit, the class was hard at work planning their time and the information they wanted to share as well as brainstorming crafts and games to help the children learn about proper dental care. Ms. Ledesma explained the importance developing good dental habits very early. They created posters, a tooth craft, and planned a surprise visit from superheroes!

The 26 kindergarten students in Mrs. Shier’s Class were thrilled when students Rebecca Singleton and HIbo Ahmed, dressed as superheroes, came into the class. Mrs. Shier said, “many of the kindergarten students thought the characters were so cool!” Students Catera Hubbard, Sarah Nieves, Deserae Perez, and Liane Bonar facilitated dental inspired crafts for the children to take home. The students used visual aids to explain the purpose and function of teeth. The Ross students emphasized the role a healthy diet plays in good dental health. They also explained that the children should avoid sugary food and drink and choose fruits and vegetables as snacks.

The highlight of the day was when the Ross Dental Assistant students demonstrated how to floss and brush. Each child received a new toothbrush to use in the demonstration. The Ross students put their dental education to use, helping the kindergarteners learn the proper way to brush. “Flossing was a riot,” said Ms. Ledesma. “I was laughing so hard!” The visit ended with Mrs. Shier asking Ms. Ledesma if her class would return again next year! The class has great plans for next month’s project, so stay tuned!