Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness Month in Ontario

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Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Autism AwarenessThis April, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Ontario is excited to observe Autism Awareness Month. To help kick off the month, the campus invited Rebecca Eslinger from Spectrum Behavioral Solutions to pay them a visit and speak to the staff, faculty, and students about autism and the services Spectrum Behavioral Solutions offers. The students were very engaged with this topic as several have children or know of a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with autism.

Rebecca discussed autism in terms of myths versus what it really is, the range of the disorder commonly referred to as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), how it is ever changing, and the recent increase in the rate of diagnosis. She elaborated on the medical side of Autism for the students. She gave them tips on how to speak, how to recognize behaviors, and how to approach a person with Autism in their career fields.

Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Autism AwarenessSpectrum Behavioral Solutions is an Applied Behavioral Analytic-based program serving clients from birth to 22 years old with an autism diagnosis. The program offers core, academic, combo full day pre-K, adolescent, and home services. The goal of Spectrum Behavioral Solutions is to get each of their clients to the highest level of functioning possible. Much of their individual plans depend on what the child’s family and therapy team determine to be their goals. The center is run by grants and currently serves nine school districts, four counties, and has 48 students with 22 on a waiting list for services.

The campus loved having her there to share with them and many of them learned some things that they didn’t know before! Erin Slusher, Financial Aid Student Support Representative, said, “This is Rebecca’s life and passion and is showed as she shared with the campus.” The campus decorated the doors to the Pharmacy Technician classroom with artwork from children with autism. They also decorated the Financial Aid office this month with facts about autism, and encouraged the support of families who have a person dealing with a disorder. The campus cannot wait to invite Rebecca back to speak again!