Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green American Red Cross

Bowling Green Gives Blood and Tours Pharmacy

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Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green American Red CrossThe staff, faculty, and students from the Bowling Green campus of Ross Medical Education Center have been busy this spring! They have been focusing on improving their community and their students’ educational experience both on and off campus. This is an important component of the Ross culture. They not only strive to deliver quality healthcare training, but they also want to reach out and make a noticeable and meaningful difference to their local communities. The only thing better than having a group of people that care about making a change is when they actually come together to do it!

Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green American Red CrossEarlier this year, the campus participated in a blood drive with the American Red Cross. The campus staff invited Rhonda Birchell, Red Cross Representative, to come to the school and speak with the students about the benefits of being a blood donor. She also stayed and answered the questions that the students had about the donation process. Many students had not donated in the past, so they wanted to make sure that the process was safe and that they could adequately prepare. By the end of donation day, there were 16 pints donated by students and staff. Campus Director, Rebecca Moran, set a wonderful example for students to follow by signing up and donating.

Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green Pharmacy ArtsMore recently, the Pharmacy Technician students got the opportunity to take a break from the typical classroom routine to go on a field trip to Pharmacy Arts, an extemporaneous compounding pharmacy located in Scottsville, KY. The students received a detailed tour and were able to see additional equipment in a real world setting. Various compounding tools including an unguator and a milling machine were available for a demonstration of how the machines worked and which medications were applicable for them. Pharmacist Ann Keown explained the growing need for compounding pharmacy technicians and insurance billing processes. The students were the most excited when they saw automated robot; it is used solely for dispensing fast moving medications. Overall it was an exciting and educational experience!

If you are interested in hosting a blood drive with the American Red Cross, visit their Facebook page or their website at