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Bowling Green Stuffs the Bus!

michaelajoy Bowling Green, Campus Events, Kentucky

Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green Stuff the BusRoss Medical Education Center knows that, although many students may not be ready to go back, back-to-school season is in full swing whether they like it or not. That means that parents everywhere with school aged children are heading to the stores to purchase the pencils, notebooks, binders, and other supplies that they will need on their first day of school. Some families buy new items excitedly, looking forward to what the new school year brings. However, others dread the process, knowing they can’t afford the items their children need for school, much less that new backpack, pencil box, or pair of shoes.

Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green Stuff the BusThinking of those families and wanting to ensure that every student in their community had a chance to start the school year off right, students from the Bowling Green campus participated in the 10th annual “Stuff the Bus” school supply drive. Stuff the Bus is a community wide event organized by 100.7 SAM FM that focuses on meeting the school supply needs of school-age children from kindergarten through high school. The efforts are focused on giving each student the same opportunity as all the others. Their ultimate goal is to give every child that is in need the same first day of school experience regardless of background, home life, or economic status.

Throughout the drive, students collected supplies, happily watching them add up at their campus. Finally, they were able to deliver the supplies to the radio station! The supplies collected by the Ross campus were added to those donated by others throughout the community. By the end of the drive, 15.5 tons was donated by local individuals and businesses for area students. Joe Elmore, a Medical Assistant student, was thrilled to join his classmates as they loaded supplies into their vehicles to be delivered. This event is one that Joe has participated in for years through the truck club that he is involved in, so it was extra special to get to partner with his fellow students and friends in this way.