Ross Medical Education Center Canton Open Door Christmas Adopt a Family

Canton Adopts a Local Family

michaelajoy Campus Events, Canton, Michigan

Ross Medical Education Center Canton Open Door Christmas Adopt a FamilyThe students, faculty, and staff at the Ross Medical Education Center Canton campus continued their tradition of giving back this holiday season through again adopting a local family. The campus strives to make the greatest positive impact each year when they decide which family to adopt. They joined with Open Door Ministry to get connected with a family. There are many families in need in the area, so it is always very difficult to make a selection. However, the family that was chosen this year has gone through a lot over the past year, and those on the Canton campus knew they were the right choice.

Samantha and her husband, Randall, have two children; Brittany is 22 and Randall Jr. is 19. During the summer of 2014, Samantha’s family experienced and had to overcome the devastating loss of her brother to suicide. Samantha’s brother left behind his three children: Dylan, 17, Savannah, 15, and Christian, 12. Fortunately, the children were able to be taken custody of by their grandmother, the mother of Samantha and her late brother. This seemed to be working out fairly well until four months later, in October when Samantha received the news that her mother passed away. Ultimately, this left Samantha with the responsibility of taking over custody of her brother’s children and raising them as her own, in addition to her own two children. This short time frame of unfortunate events has brought a burden on the family, not only causing grief and heartache, but adding stress to the family’s finances.

The students, faculty, and staff were asked to choose gifts to buy for the family by selecting gift tags off of the campus’ Christmas tree. The campus came together to make this time of year as pleasant as they could for the family. The family received clothes, toys, makeup, and other gifts that brought a smile to the face of each family member. The family was very appreciative of everything they received. The satisfaction and gratitude, brought on by helping others that are in need, is irreplaceable, and the Canton campus is so grateful to have had the opportunity to help out this family in their time of need.