National Pharmacy Technician Day

National Pharmacy Week 2017

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Annually in the third week of October, Ross Medical Education Center and Ross College campuses join the rest of the healthcare community in recognizing National Pharmacy Week. During the week, we at Ross take a moment to thank the entire pharmacy staff, including pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for their diligence and hard work. Staff, faculty, and students at Ross campuses …

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National Pharmacy Technician Day

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Each year during the third week of October, Ross Medical Education Center and the healthcare community recognizes National Pharmacy Week. Throughout this week, we take time to thank pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for all of their hard work and dedication to excellence. Students, staff, and faculty at each of the Ross campuses that have the Pharmacy Technician program get excited …

a day in the life of a pharmacy technician

A Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Technician: Tracy Muck

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At Ross, our instructors are experienced healthcare professionals. Our students get the opportunity to receive their insight, instruction, and experience on a daily basis in the classroom. Have you ever wondered what it is that a pharmacy technician does? We did too! So we asked Tracy Muck, the lead instructor in the Pharmacy Technician program at the Ross Medical Education …

Pharmacy Technician Terms You Need To Know at Ross Medical Education Center

Pharmacy Technician Terminology You Need to Know

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As a pharmacy technician, you will soon come to experience that healthcare professionals in the pharmacy have their own key terms and daily vocabulary. It may seem overwhelming to think that you will need to learn so many new words and terms. However, you will soon discover that during your pharmacy technician training program at Ross Medical Education Center, you …

History of Pharmacy Technicians to inspire your career Ross Medical students

Fascinating Pharmacy Facts to Inspire Your Pharmacy Technician Career

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Pharmacy technicians are an essential part of the pharmacy team, personally assisting pharmacists and helping to complete and facilitate daily tasks. Working under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist, pharmacy technicians can be found in a variety of locations like retail, community, or hospital pharmacies. Some of the things that a pharmacy technician will do are dispense medications, instruct …

Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Technician Ross Medical Education Center

A Day in the Life of an Institutional Pharmacy Technician

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So, you have decided you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Pharmacy Technician and have enrolled in or completed a training program. Are you wondering what’s next? What happens when you have completed your classroom training, finished your externship experience out in the field, interviewed, and finally landed that perfect Pharmacy Technician job? Although everyone’s experience will be a …

Ross Medical Education Center Portage Offering Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Pharmacy Technician Training Now in Portage

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Each time a new Ross Medical Education Center campus opens, or an existing campus gets a new program, it is very exciting for the Ross community as well as the community the campus is able to serve. Recently, the Ross campus in Portage, Michigan was able to open a brand new program to serve their future students and their community …

Pharmacy Technician at Work Ross Medical Education Center

A Career as a Pharmacy Technician: Do you have what it takes?

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Making a choice to pursue a career as a Pharmacy Technician, or really any career for that matter, is a big, exciting step! The healthcare field is a rewarding and meaningful field that puts you on the front lines of helping people improve their health and, ultimately, their lives. Just as you would want to ensure for any field you …

Ross Medical Education Center Pharmacy Technician Program Module 1 Student Counting Pills

Pharmacy Technician Program: Module 1

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Pharmacy Technicians are a vital part of the pharmacy profession and can be found assisting Pharmacists in a variety of healthcare facilities and retail pharmacies. In Module One of Ross Medical Education Center’s Pharmacy Technician training program, students gain an understanding of their future role as a Pharmacy Technician. They will be instructed on the ways that the needs and …