Tips to Master Medical Assistant Terminology Ross Medical Education Center

Simple Tips to Master Basic Medical Assistant Terminology

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If you are seriously interested in a medical assisting career, or really any career for that matter, it is essential that you learn the common terms and phrases for the job! This is especially important as a medical assistant, since the correct and efficient care of your patients depends at least in part on your knowledge of applicable medical terminology. …

How to Get Hired as a Dental Assistant Ross Medical Education Center Student

Tips to Get Hired as a Dental Assistant

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In every field, it seems to be hard to get that first job and get your foot in the door. However, with the correct training, attitude, and some hard work, it is certainly very attainable. One of the things that continues to become more and more true is that most careers require some sort of education and experience. However, maybe …

How to Write a good resume Ross Medical education

Simple Tips to Improve Your Healthcare Resume

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When looking to start in any new position, there are a few surefire ways to set yourself apart from the competition. The healthcare field is no different. In fact, if you can get yourself an interview at the organization of your dreams, you will have the perfect opportunity to showcase what you know and how passionate you are about helping …

National Stress Awareness Month 2016 Stress Less Live More Family Walk

Easy Tips to Stress Less & Live More

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Every year since 1992, the United States has celebrated National Stress Awareness Month during the month of April. At Ross, we know that no matter which of our healthcare training programs they are in, our students work hard and often have to juggle a variety of responsibilities in addition to their schooling. Also, as a healthcare professional, the opportunity to …

Medical Assistant Interview Tips for Success

Tips for Your Medical Assistant Job Interview

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So, you’ve studied, practiced, completed your classroom training and externship, and now you want to get started on that perfect Medical Assistant career! For some people, interviews can be very stressful or even downright terrifying. In order to help you set aside some of your fears, we came up with a few suggestions of ways to decrease anxiety and increase …

Ross Instructor and Student: How to learn Medical Terminology and Remember it

How to Learn Medical Terminology and Remember it

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No matter which of our healthcare training programs you are enrolled in, one unavoidable thing you will have to learn is medical terminology. Although some of the terms may differ slightly, those medical terms are pretty universal and we know that some of them can be difficult to keep straight. Have you been working hard to study and are somehow …