Ross Medical Education Center Charleston YWCA Sojourners

Charleston Gives Basics for Local Moms

michaelajoy Campus Events, Charleston, West Virginia

Ross Medical Education Center Charleston YWCA SojournersIn honor of Mother’s Day and mothers everywhere, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Charleston, WV was thrilled to be a part of making this Mother’s Day a little better for some area moms. They worked hard to collect items for a toiletry item drive. Although toiletries may not sound like the most exciting Mother’s Day gifts, many on the campus know that, when faced with lack, every little bit helps. Sometimes having those little things that you need is all it takes to restore some dignity and hope.

At the end of the drive, all the items were able to be donated to YWCA Sojourner’s Shelter for Homeless Women & Families, a local facility that provides a 24/7 emergency shelter for homeless single women, women with children, men with custody of their children, and intact families. Because some of these women and families are lacking many basic needs, the shelter is always very grateful for the support and supplies to help in their times of need. Cyndi Tawney, Ross Campus Director, was proud of the compassion that her campus had shown, “our students always show a great outpouring of generosity when we hold drives, and we hope the citizens of Charleston are benefiting from our donations.”

Over the course of the drive, students, faculty, and staff were able to donate a variety of items to the cause. Some of the items included shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, razors, and deodorant. Over 100 items were collected to benefit the shelter residents. The idea to collect these items came when staff and students were brainstorming a way to incorporate a community service project with Mother’s Day. “Many families may be spending Mother’s Day in a shelter,” reflected Campus Director Cyndi Tawney. “While that is not an easy situation, we hope that our donation can make it a little easier for them to get the personal care items they need.”

To learn more about Sojourners and how you can help, visit their website at or call them at (304) 340-3562.