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Charleston Pharmacy Technician Students Visit Charleston Area Medical Center Solutions

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Ross Medical Education Center Charleston Medical SolutionsThe Ross Medical Education Center Pharmacy Technician class in Charleston recently took a field trip to visit Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) Solutions. The facility is a batch infusion center that serves all four of Charleston Area Medical Center’s hospitals. Charleston Area Medical Center Solutions can produce up to 30,000 IV bags each month, and students were excited to see such a large and productive facility. The tour was arranged by Ross Pharmacy Technician Instructor, Teresa Sargent, and Charleston Area Medical Center Solutions Pharmacist-in-Charge, Terry Prettyman.

Ross Medical Education Center Charleston Medical SolutionsThe students had the opportunity to tour the facility and were even able to see the way that a full “clean room” operates. The tour was a great learning experience for students, because it is not something they are able to see every day. “The students really enjoyed themselves,” said Instructor Teresa Sargent. “They got to see a lot of different processes in action and learned the importance of what we talk about in class. One thing that really hit home was the necessity of sterilization, even down to the fingertips.”

The students learned a lot, but they had fun too! Many were able to come to a better understanding of how the things they practiced in class took place in the field. “I was a little nervous about sterile compounding at first, but after watching them for awhile, I wasn’t intimidate anymore,” shared Pharmacy Technician student Jade Cochran. Other students, like Najaka Watkins, began to consider all of their employment options. “Touring the facility took my thoughts about sterile compounding to a positive level,” said Watkins. “I am now interested in learning more and possibly pursuing that as a career path.” Another student, Amanda Wolfe, appreciated the level of expertise provided by those at the Center, “Mr. Prettyman spoke to all of us to teach us more about sterile compounding. The two most important things we learned is to have a competent compounder and the importance of a clean and sterile environment.” The students can’t wait for externship and beyond now that they have seen some of the variety of options for their future careers!