Ross Medical Education Center Cincinnati Ohio Advisory Board Meeting

Cincinnati Hosts Advisory Board Meeting with Walgreens, Christ Hospital, Mercy Health

michaelajoy Campus Events, Cincinnati, Ohio

Ross Medical Education Center Cincinnati Ohio Advisory Board MeetingThis October, Ross Medical Education Center in Cincinnati, Ohio had their annual advisory board meeting. They were excited to have a great turn out with over 25 attendees including two local physicians, one dentist, and several recruiters, practice managers, regional directors, and recent and seasoned Ross graduates. This time around, they implemented something unique to previous meetings by awarding two “Employer of the Year” awards.

Walgreens and The Christ Hospital were the employers that they chose to recognize this year for this award. Walgreens has kept their commitment to the campus and helping to train externs to be experienced healthcare professionals. The other recipient, The Christ Hospital, has hosted and employed nearly a quarter of the Cincinnati campus’ Medical Assistant graduates from 2014 and 2015, and they are expecting the partnership to be even stronger this year!

Ross Medical Education Center Cincinnati Ohio Advisory Board Meeting Walgreens AwardThe break-out sessions this year were helpful and informative. In fact, the Career Services team has been receiving phone calls and emails from many of the members thanking them for the invitation. They cannot express enough how valuable the time was spent on the campus. Many are already enthusiastically sharing how much they are looking forward to next year’s meeting.

The Cincinnati campus also had the pleasure of having recruiters from both The Christ Hospital and Mercy Health present at the board meeting. In order to wrap up the campus’ celebration of Medical Assistant Recognition week, these two recruiters stepped into the Cincinnati Medical Assistant class to give the Medical Assistant students an overview of how to make the best of their education at Ross. They also spent some time coaching them on professionalism in the allied health field. The dentist that joined the board this year even made his way down to the Dental Assistant class to offer some advice on what to expect in the dental office.

The staff, faculty, and students in Cincinnati are so thankful for all of the members of their advisory board and the strong partnerships and great opportunities that local healthcare professionals and organizations help to offer to their students.