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Dayton Donates School Supplies to Montgomery County Children’s Services

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Ross Medical Education Center Dayton Montgomery County Children ServicesAs the school year commences for area children, Ross Medical Education Center students make time for community involvement. As they enter the fall back to school season, the Ross staff, faculty, and students at the campus in Dayton helped to prepare local area students for school by providing much needed school supplies. “Donating is important because it is easier for children to know they are being taken care of and getting a good education when they have the right tools,” said Ross student Britney Lockett.

School supplies can be very costly, especially for families with multiple children attending school. Ross students, administration, and faculty collected glue sticks, folders, spiral notebooks, rulers, notebook paper, crayons, scissors, and colored pencils. “The donations will be able to help children who have parents that are unable to provide supplies this year. It would make me feel better, if I were a kid, to be able to get new school supplies,” said Ross student Victoria Sarver-Jetters.

Ross Medical Education Center Dayton Montgomery County Children ServicesThe supplies were donated to Montgomery County Children’s Services at the end of August. Montgomery County Children’s Services plays a critical role in the Dayton community by providing resources and support for children who may suffer from neglect or domestic abuse as well as intervention for families that suffer from drug abuse or are unable to care for their child/children. “Montgomery County Children’s Services is important because some kids have nobody, so at least they know with Montgomery County Children’s Services that somebody is there for them,” said Ross student Jasmine Figgins. Through contributing to Montgomery County Children’s Services, Ross students not only provided much needed supplies, but also brought awareness to their fellow students about the issues involving children in the community.

If you are interested in learning more about Montgomery County Children’s Services and how you can help, visit their website at