Ross Medical Education Center Dental Assistant Class Volunteers Taste of Heaven

Dental Assistant Students from Ross Medical in Kalamazoo Help Out at A Little Taste of Heaven

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Ross Medical Education Center Dental Assistant Class Volunteers Taste of HeavenThis November, the Dental Assistant program students from Ross Medical Education Center students in Kalamazoo, Michigan volunteered at Kalamazoo’s own Taste of Heaven, led by their instructor Shawna Blazok. Located on West Main Street, this little shop provides delicious treats. Also, since it opened in 1999, A Taste of Heaven has worked together with the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission and Youth for Christ of Kalamazoo to spread good faith, friendship, and the word of the Lord.

With only three full-time employees, a Taste of Heaven relies on the skills, support, and service of the community. Volunteers come from youth organizations and programs, schools, church groups, senior living facilities, and many more places. When asked what called her to volunteer herself and her students for service at A Taste of Heaven, Shawna simply stated that she had always wanted to do it ever since she missed her opportunity to volunteer with another group of which she is a part. Shawna believed it to be a wonderful opportunity for herself and her students. Together, they put in four hours of drizzling chocolate, mixing popcorn, dipping pretzels and rice krispies into chocolate, packaging goodies, and – the most important part – tasting their goodies!

Ross Medical Education Center Dental Assistant Class Volunteers Taste of HeavenFor many of the student volunteers, the concept of volunteering and the idea of what Taste of Heaven stands for became their favorite part of the day. “I loved meeting new people who are passionate about helping troubled teens,” a student shared. Another said that her favorite part was “the whole concept of producing a very desirable product and using all profits to help kids in need.” “It was great to see the students bond and working as a team for such a great cause!” shared their instructor, Shawna Blazok.

When asked about what it was like being a dental assistant around so many really good, sugary treats, Shawna said with amusement, “we like our sweets just as much as everyone else!” However, she did admit to being extra critical about her dental care. From this, it comes of no surprise that the unanimous agreement of the class’ favorite Taste of Heaven treat of the day was drizzled popcorn! Shawna’s tip: It does not matter what you eat or how much, just as long as you maintain good oral hygiene!