Employer Spotlight Drs Central Billing

Employer Spotlight: Drs. Central Billing, LLC

michaelajoy Cincinnati, Ohio

Employer Spotlight Drs Central BillingThe Ross Medical Education Center campus located in Cincinnati has loved working with Drs. Central Billing, LLC. Ross began their partnership nearly a year ago when they had someone from the facility reach out to them asking for mature, dedicated students that were serious about pursuing a career in the field of medical billing. Since then, the campus has been sending students for externship from the Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration program. Every single student that has been sent has fulfilled and exceeded the office’s expectations. That’s why each of them has successfully completed their externship experience and then had a position waiting for them when their externship hours were completed. In addition the ground students, the office has recently hired a graduate of Ross Online.

The goal of Drs. Central Billing, LLC is to support local offices through helping them to increase efficiency, maximize payments, reduce errors, and ensure compensation for doctors. The office has over 15 years of experience in billing and is always looking for ways to innovate and make it better for their clients. Ross students that complete their externship experience there love the pleasant environment and the attitude of the staff. The company works hard to cultivate teamwork and to instill confidence in their staff and the student externs. They are always thankful for the experience and have been excited to be offered positions there following externship.

To find out more, read the interview below with Paul Fehring, Owner of Drs. Central Billing, LLC:

What do you like about Ross externs and graduates?
I like about Ross externs and graduates that they are taught well and come in ready to work and excel.

What is something you like about working with Ross?
I like working with Ross because candidates are prescreened for the positions we need.

How is the Career Services staff at Ross?
The Career Services staff at Ross is very friendly and easy to deal with.

How would you describe your experience with having externs from Ross?
Having externs from Ross is great! It gives us 120 hours to evaluate for hire.

Overall, how would you assess the success rate of Ross graduates?
The success rate of Ross graduates is 100% so far.

What’s the main advantage of hiring a Ross graduate?
The main advantages of hiring a Ross graduate is that they are taught well and ready to work.

How would your facility be affected if it weren’t for Ross graduates?
If it weren’t for Ross graduates, we would need a totally different training program.

To learn more about Drs. Central Billing, LLC, visit their website at http://www.drsbillinginc.com/.