Employer Spotlight Flint ObGyn

Employer Spotlight: Flint ObGyn

michaelajoy Flint, Michigan

Employer Spotlight Flint ObGynThe Ross Medical Education Center campus in Flint, MI has enjoyed for the last number of years the great privilege of working with Flint ObGyn. The practice has taken externs from both the Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration and Medical Assistant programs and has also hired some graduates from each of those programs. Because of the nature of the practice, there are very high expectations of the students that are brought in for externship. Students know that although much is expected of them, they can always go to the staff with questions or concerns. The facility itself is very nice, new, and state of the art and the staff is extremely competent, helpful, and works hard to train students well and make them feel comfortable as part of the team.

To find out more, read the interview below with Donovan Miske, Practice Administrator:

What do you like about Ross graduates?
You know for certain that they received a foundational education; it’s hard to find such consistency. They standardize the baseline of education.

What is something you like about working with Ross?
They are community-based, so they understand the local market really well. Also, for the students that we bring on, it is a trial run for them – we get to educate them and show them how to do the job. If they do an exceptional job and we have an opening, we have six weeks of training done, and they can start right away. If they aren’t what we need or we are full, they still got six weeks of training to take with them wherever they go.

How is the Career Services staff at Ross?
They are absolutely great. When you’re dealing with different practices, some of us are large practices, some are very relaxed and small. They have to tackle the variables with all the different practices. They have done an amazing job at accommodating all the practices and adjusting what they do for us to best suit our needs. They do an exceptional job at that.

How would you describe your experience with having externs from Ross?
Is great for a couple reasons. Firstly, you get a training period. Secondly, they keep you on your toes; if you aren’t training, you’re not learning. You learn best by teaching. It helps to repeat the rudimentary steps of one’s job.

Overall, how would you assess the success rate of Ross externs and graduates?
Ross handpicks the externs that we receive, and I would say that 90% are very qualified, and I would either hire them myself or recommend them to someone else. I am very happy with the students I am getting.

What’s the main advantage of hiring a Ross graduate?
They don’t come out of the program with a skewed perspective on the position or their role; they come out with a realistic expectation. Other schools communicate something different and give graduates unrealistic expectations.

If it weren’t for Ross graduates, how would your office be affected?
We wouldn’t be exposed to as many new people,and we wouldn’t have as much certainty of how we do our own job. When my Medical Assistants have an extern with them, it makes them think about and double check how they do their job.

To learn more about Flint ObGyn, visit their Facebook page, their website at http://flintobgyn.com, or call them at (810) 733-8200.