Employer Spotlight Portage Mansion Street Womens Health

Employer Spotlight: Mansion Street Women’s Health

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Employer Spotlight Portage Mansion Street Womens HealthThe Ross Medical Education Center campus in Portage has enjoyed having the opportunity to send externship students from the Medical Assistant program to Mansion Street Women’s Health. The students love working in this friendly, fast-paced office. With their top of the line equipment and caring, qualified staff, the office is an ideal externship site. Students consistently want to be placed there, sometimes even requesting it. The site boasts physicians that are affiliated with award-winning Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall, MI. The Career Services staff at Ross in Portage deeply appreciates the partnership that they have with Mansion Street Women’s Health and they look forward to sending many more externs and grads there.

To find out more, read the interview below with Kirsten Schaefer, Office Manager at Mansion Street Women’s Health:

What do you like about Ross externs?
Externs from Ross have a good knowledge of the medical environment, terminology, HIPAA and great patient care standards. They are not only friendly and professional but eager to learn and assist our office daily.

What is something you like about working with Ross?
The Ross Career Services staff is flexible, understanding, and easy to work with. It’s nice to have a school contact us to see how their student is doing during their externship and if any improvements can be made. This adds a personal touch of care. Students and staff are both great!

How would you describe your experience with having externs from Ross?
It’s just so rewarding to help someone further their education and career. Ross has a more well-rounded education than other schools. They are taught more; they can work in back or up front. All of our Ross students have been a pleasure to have in our office. Our patients regularly compliment us on their job well done. MSWH highly recommends Ross and their students for all your professional Medical Assistant needs.

Overall, how would you assess the success rate of Ross graduates?
The success rate of Ross grads has been a positive experience for Mansion Street Women’s Health. Our office holds a ‘meet & greet’ interview for the student prior to the externship being finalized. In the Fall of 2014, I had the pleasure of meeting a student who was potentially being placed with our office. The student had placement opportunity with another site but chose to extern with MSWH. Prior to the end of her rotation, we offered her a position which she graciously accepted. Not only are we blessed to have had the opportunity to help her learn & grow during her externship, but she obtained the highest test score in the state on her RMA exam and is now part of the Mansion Street family!

What’s the main advantage of hiring a Ross graduate?
The advantage of hiring a Ross grad is their knowledge, dedication, and willingness to continually learn and grow as a Medical Assistant. Candidates from Ross have shown more potential and displayed more educational knowledge than those externs from other schools. We at MSWH are a team and a family. It’s beneficial that these are attributes Ross takes pride in instilling in their students.

How would your office be affected if it wasn’t for Ross externs?
If it wasn’t for Ross externs, Mansion Street Women’s Health would have missed the opportunity to meet, mentor, and hire the RMA graduate we now have employed. She has been wonderful and is constantly displaying why Ross has the best Medical Assistant program around.

To learn more about Mansion Street Women’s Health, visit their website at http://www.mansionstreetwh.com/.