Employer Spotlight The Christ Hospital Health Network Cincinnati

Employer Spotlight: The Christ Hospital Health Network

michaelajoy Cincinnati, Ohio

Employer Spotlight The Christ Hospital Health Network CincinnatiThe Ross Medical Education Center campus in Cincinnati has had the great pleasure of sending externship students and graduates to The Christ Hospital Health Network for about a year. Throughout their time working with Ross, the hospital has taken students from the Medical Assistant program and will soon be bringing on an extern from the Pharmacy Technician program! Over the last year, at least eight students have completed their externship experience at the site. Shelly Greenway, Career Development Coordinator at Ross, shared about their experience, “They love it and many of our externs have become employed with them immediately after their externship. The staff is incredible and it is an educational hospital, so they always love to teach our students.” Keli O’Daniel, Practice Manager at The Christ Hospital Health Network, has been extremely accommodating, providing students with excellent training that reinforces their skills and then being on the lookout for employment opportunities when the students come to the end of their externship.

To find out more, read the interview below with Keli O’Daniel, Practice Manager at The Christ Hospital Health Network:

What do you like about Ross graduates?
Ross graduates are experienced and professional. They are willing to work and want to do well. Because of that, they have a good work ethic and work skills.

What is something you like about working with Ross?
They are professional and very easy to work with. I have also found that they are always easy to get ahold of.

How is the Career Services staff at Ross?
They are very friendly and professional. I have found that they are willing to do anything to make it work smoothly.

How would you describe your experience with having externs from Ross?
It is very rewarding. We have hired at least four or five since December. Externship is a great avenue to “try out”a potential new employee. We’ve had great experiences with Ross externs. They have great students who are eager to learn and get hands-on training in an actual office.

Overall, how would you assess the success rate of Ross graduates?
They do very well. I haven’t had any problems with any of them. They have been hired and placed easily.

Overall, what has your experience as a Ross Employer Partner been like?
It’s nice to have them first as externs and be able to train them for our facility. We have had great success hiring their externs and keeping them in our system.

To learn more about The Christ Hospital Health Network, visit their Facebook page or their website at https://www.thechristhospital.com/.