Employer Spotlight Womens Health Advantage Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne

Employer Spotlight: Women’s Health Advantage

michaelajoy Fort Wayne, Indiana

Employer Spotlight Womens Health Advantage Ross Medical Education Center Fort WayneAll Ross Medical Education Center campuses value their externship sites and graduate employers as well as the partnership they are able to form. One of the employer partners that the Fort Wayne campus has found to be extremely helpful and supportive of their externs and graduates is Women’s Health Advantage. Over the past several years they have hosted many Ross students for their externship experience. They have also hired over 20 Medical Assistant graduates, most of them as a result of having been externs there. Ann Baker, Clinical Director, has been an incredible supporter of the Medical Assistant program, consistently giving feedback, offering suggestions, sitting on the advisory board, assisting with mock interviews, and calling the campus with opportunities. As a registered nurse of nearly 20 years, Ann Baker is a wonderful asset and her contributions to Women’s Health Advantage and Ross’ Fort Wayne campus are very appreciated.

To find out more, read the interview below with Ann Baker, Clinical Director of Women’s Health Advantage:

What do you expect from Ross externs?
My expectations begin with the initial interview. I review with them our facility’s expectations and advise them to treat the externship like an actual job interview. Since I like to hire our good externs, I use the externship to assess whether are a good fit with our team. I expect the extern to ask questions, take notes, be helpful to your teammates, always stay busy and smile often. I want to see that they are trainable to suit our needs.

What is the externship experience like at Women’s Health Advantage?
The externship experience at WHA is extremely hand’s on with heavy use of our EMR. They participate in all aspects of rooming patients including vitals, triaging through the use of templates, observing and assisting with procedures including minor surgeries, and chart prep for the next day. During each student’s externship they are invited to attend an “Expectations 101” class. This class provides externship students an complete overview of pregnancy. The experience they gain by doing their externship at WHA helps them to be successful in their chosen Allied Health Professional career.

What is the one contribution from Ross Medical Education Center?
They are a great source of new hires! Ross students come to us prepared.

How has your experience been with the Career Services team?
Ross has proven to value my opinion concerning students. Their Career Services team works closely with us to hear our requests and try to meet them.

To learn more about Women’s Health Advantage, visit their Facebook page or their website at https://www.heradvantage.com/.