Ross Medical Education Center Erlanger Hoxworth Blood Center

Erlanger Donates Blood to Hoxworth Blood Center

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Ross Medical Education Center Erlanger Hoxworth Blood CenterAs future healthcare professionals, Ross Medical Education Center students understand the importance of blood donation for hospitals and patients. That’s why the campus in Erlanger, KY recently hosted a drive with Hoxworth Blood Center of University of Cincinnati. On Monday, July 20th, Ross students, staff, faculty, and residents of Erlanger all came out the campus and generously donated blood.

Hoxworth Blood Center welcomes donors with all blood types. However, depending on their blood type, donors may be asked to donate whole blood, red cells, platelets or plasma. Both the type of blood the donor has and the current need of the center can determine the process. Type O- donors, also known as “universal donors,” are always needed as this is the only blood type that can be safely given to everyone regardless of their blood type.

The most common type of donation is a “whole blood donation.” During the whole blood donation process, approximately one pint of blood is given. The entire process takes approximately 45 minutes due to paperwork and screening, although the actual donation takes less than 15 minutes. Individuals must wait 56 day to donate again once they have given.

Ross Medical Education Center Erlanger Hoxworth Blood CenterThe simple act of giving blood helps to ensure that there is an adequate supply of blood and blood components for the local hospitals. The recipients include 30 area hospitals that provide transfusions to patients with a variety of medical needs. These needs range from treatment of traumatic injuries to elective surgeries. This drive was very successful and had nearly 20 students registered to donate blood. In addition to the students registering to donate, members of the staff and community donated. Joel Brown, a recipient of a blood transfusion featured on Hoxworth’s website said, “There are many patients out there, young and old, whose lives depend on blood donations. Please do your part in saving a life by donating blood.”

If you are interested in participating in or hosting a blood drive with Hoxworth Blood Center, visit their Facebook page or their website at