Ross Medical Education Center Evansville Pharmacy Technician Dexter Elementary

Evansville Pharmacy Technician Students Visit Elementary School

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Ross Medical Education Center Evansville Pharmacy Technician Dexter ElementaryLast week, students in the Pharmacy Technician program at Ross Medical Education Center in Evansville went back to elementary school! On June 23rd, Ross students were excited for the opportunity to visit summer school students at Dexter Elementary School in Evansville, Indiana. They got to spend time teaching them about how medicine is made. They also made sure to take the chance to teach them about the importance of always being sure to use medicine safely.

Ross Medical Education Center Evansville Pharmacy Technician Dexter ElementaryDuring their time at the school, they had hands-on games for the students where they all got to practice counting mock tablets and they also had a lot of fun making mock suspensions. Each child got to help make the mock suspensions by putting liquid and powder into the capsule and shaking it up. The activity was a major hit; the kids loved making them! Next one of the pharmacy students read a book to the children. The book read was called Oh the Things You Can Fill! which is a poem based on Oh the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. Korie Leslie, the Pharmacy Technician instructor, had found the poem online and added fun pictures to make it into a book! The Pharmacy Technician students loved the book and were thrilled to share it with the kids. The book is all about the pharmacists’ and the pharmacy technicians’ jobs and how to make and fill prescriptions.

Ross Medical Education Center Evansville Pharmacy Technician Dexter ElementaryAt the end of their time, the Ross students gave out gift bags which had candy, tattoos, stickers and a safety badge that had blank spaces for the kids to write their emergency contact information. The safety badge also included the phone number for poison control. Finally, they talked about career planning and there were a lot of the children who shared they now want to be pharmacy technicians when they grow up! The teachers and students at Dexter Elementary loved having Ross’ Pharmacy Technician students at the school. The school staff loved it too; they were invited to come back again to visit when school is in session in the fall.