Exclusively for Ross Medical Education Center Graduates: Why Should I Get an Associate’s Degree?

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Earn your Associate’s Degree with Ross in less than a year"For many young adults, the thought of returning to school can present challenges, and choosing the right path can be overwhelming. Jobs are not as readily available as they once were, so choosing the right field of study and getting into the workforce quickly can greatly influence a person’s decision to return to school.

Today, many more jobs require some form of specialized training to assure employers that potential employees are prepared with the basic skills necessary to function in entry-level positions. An associate’s degree in a vocational field is an ideal way to prepare students with some of those basic skills, as it provides them with an opportunity to become more qualified candidates for employment. The courses are designed to give students a balanced education that can be used as a stepping stone to help establish themselves within their chosen professions.

In February of 2014, Ross Education started their first class in an on-ground associate’s degree program at Ross College in Sylvania, Ohio. This was the first time that Ross was able to offer an associate’s degree program with classes on campus for graduates from their Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, and Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration diploma programs. “We are really excited to offer these programs for our graduates,” stated Sharon Smith, Director of On-Ground Education for Ross. “Our graduates have been asking for this opportunity for some time, and now we can offer them a program that transfers their credits from prior course work in a diploma or certificate program to a degree program. “Our diploma and certificate programs are focused on specific knowledge and skills that you will need to work as a medical assistant, dental assistant, or medical insurance and billing office administrative assistant. With the addition of the Associate of Applied Science Degrees (AAS), our graduates have the potential to be considered the better candidate for employment in the healthcare field.”

Graduates wishing to enroll in the Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, or Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration Specialist Associate of Allied Science (AAS) Degree program must be graduates from the 720 clock hour program at Ross Education, LLC. In the AAS programs, students will be required to take general education classes such as sociology and psychology, as well as basic core classes in computer fundamentals and pharmacology classes. Ms. Smith states, “Graduates will have the potential to expand their employment opportunities to professions that require an associate’s degree.” Students at Ross College in Sylvania are finding that working during the day and coming to school at night is worth the extra effort. Most of the instructors work in the healthcare profession during the day and then teach their course in the evening. “We believe having knowledgeable instructors who are current in their field gives our students an advantage in their educational experience,” stated Ms. Smith.

Michael Griffin, a recent graduate from the Ross Online Medical Billing Administrative Specialist Associate of Applied Science program talks about his experience in going back to school to complete his degree:

“Personally, my degree has given me much greater confidence in my abilities and knowledge. Professionally, my degree shows how serious I am about the medical industry. Where I take it is up to me.”

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