family health and fitness day womens health and fitness day

Family and Women’s Health and Fitness Day

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family health and fitness day womens health and fitness dayEach year at the end of September, two different but related events are observed. On the last Saturday of September, this year Saturday, September 24th, we observe Family Health and Fitness Day. The last Wednesday of the month, this year Wednesday, September 28th, is Women’s Health and Fitness Day. Both of these days serve as a reminder strive to live healthier, fitter lives and to make time to keep them consistent.

As we head into these events, here are some ways to observe them both to live a healthier life for you and for your family! Many community organizations across the country like the YMCA and local Parks and Recreation Departments have events to engage in with your family or as an individual. However, even if they don’t, there are ways that you can make the most of these days celebrating health and fitness.

Family Health and Fitness Day: Saturday, September 24th

Take advantage of the cooler evenings and get outside with your family. The kids will love a final chance to take a walk with you, ride their bikes, play at a park, or maybe even visit the beach one last time. School is back in full swing, and it’s obvious that recess just isn’t enough to use up all of their energy.

Don’t let the kids be the only ones that get outdoors and get some exercise! This is the perfect day to make it a family affair. Take a football or baseball to the park and play some catch. You could even bring a healthy lunch for a picnic and do some yoga on the beach or in the backyard with the family.

Playing and exercising with your children and family will build memories and encourage everyone to live more active, healthier lives. Make this Saturday the first day of many family fitness days. Get out from in front of the television and hit the gym, park, beach, or backyard for a fun, healthy day.

Women’s Health and Fitness Day: Wednesday, September 28th

This annual day is always held on the last Wednesday of September. The goal is to encourage women to get active and focus on their health. In fact, groups and organizations across the country are hosting health and fitness events for women at a variety of gyms, parks, and community centers.

Get out there in your community and see what events are taking place. Having trouble finding one to attend? Create your own! It doesn’t take a lot of planning to invite a few friends, neighbors, or female family members together for a fitness event. Find a local pilates, yoga, or other exercise class or invest in a membership at a local gym. But don’t do it alone! Find a friend, or more than one, to commit with you to getting and staying healthy and fit. Having a buddy will help you on those days that you just want to give up.

Oftentimes, women neglect their health as they focus on their families, careers, and other responsibilities. However, it’s important to remember that you can only be your best for those things and people that are important to you when you are healthy and taking care of yourself first. So, take this upcoming day to be the beginning of a new trend in your life! Make a commitment to your own health and fitness and you will likely be surprised at the results in other areas of life.

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