Ross Medical Education Center Graduate Spotlight Canton Ashley Hughes

Graduate Spotlight: Ashley Hughes

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Ross Medical Education Center Graduate Spotlight Canton Ashley HughesStudents stand out in the mind of their instructors and directors for many reasons. Some stand out because of their dedication and passion to the field, others because they overcome obstacles and roadblocks to achieve success. Occasionally there are students that do it all, and make sure to be their best no matter what. Ashley Hughes proved herself to be one of those students while at Ross Medical Education Center in the Dental Assistant program at the Canton campus.

In the classroom, Ashley was always a proven leader. Without fail, she consistently went above and beyond expectations. She was frequently helping other students with their coursework and using her own free time to provide them with mentoring. She would arrive to class early and stay late just to make sure the task was completed.

Ashley completed her externship at the office of Dr. Chad Barber, DDS in Plymouth, MI. Not only did she extern there, she also had the opportunity to start shadowing at Dr. Barber’s office during her very first module. She wanted to attain the highest level of expertise that she could in her field. After completing her externship, she was offered a position as a Dental Assistant at Dr. Barber’s office.

During her time at Ross, Ashley worked two other jobs while attending school and shadowing at Dr. Barber’s office three days a week. Her other employment required her to maintain late working hours, keeping her up until 3:00 – 4:00 in the morning. However, even with these challenges, she was always able to get to school and to Dr. Barber’s office on time and with a smile on her face.

Ashley is an inspiration because she is proof that, with hard work and dedication, your dream of becoming successful can be accomplished. Even now, she visits her old Ross classroom consistently to give back her words of wisdom and to show the future Dental Assistants in those seats that, if they’re motivated, they can be successful. She continues to be the picture of dedication and loves sharing her passion for the dental field with others.