Ross Medical Education Center Taylor Graduate Spotlight Cole Roberts

Graduate Spotlight: Cole Roberts

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Ross Medical Education Center Taylor Graduate Spotlight Cole RobertsOccasionally a student enrolls that is not only outstanding in the classroom, but also works hard to improve the lives of others outside the classroom. Cole Roberts, a graduate of Ross Medical Education Center is one of those students. Cole was in the Medical Assistant program and attended the Taylor campus. He is not one that any of the staff, faculty, or his classmates will soon forget.

Cole was consistently a role model both through his outstanding leadership and strong academic skills. He worked hard to always be a positive influence on his fellow classmates, the faculty at Ross, and anyone else with which he came into contact. He knew that always being positive was a sure way to success, and he displayed his positive attitude in the attention and effort he gave his school work. A natural teacher, he always had the ability to clearly communicate medical processes to his fellow students when they were having difficulty understanding. All of his classmates knew they could count on him for patience and a little extra support. In addition to all of his help in the classroom, Cole volunteered to transport fellow students to and from school if they had transportation issues, and he even helped repair another student’s car when it broke down and they were unable to get to school.

Even in the midst of always looking out for others, Cole made sure to complete his assignments on time and with a positive attitude. He habitually proved himself to be a generous, kind, and hardworking student. It was no surprise to anyone at the Taylor campus when he became employed shortly after graduating with honors from his program. His employer is fortunate to have him on their team, and everyone at Ross is honored to be able to call him a Ross graduate.