Ross Medical Education Center Graduate Spotlight Courtney Roulo

Graduate Spotlight: Courtney Roulo

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Ross Medical Education Center Graduate Spotlight Courtney RouloRoss Medical Education Center has the opportunity to help many students that work hard to achieve their dreams and overcome tough times. One of those students from the Saginaw campus was Courtney Roulo. Courtney was an exemplary student and always acted as a role model to others. She definitely understands what it means to endure some tough times in life.

Right out of high school, she followed her boyfriend of the time 1,200 miles from home. She ended up homeless and in a bad situation. She returned home and moved into her father’s camper. She had no car, couldn’t find a job, and was in severe debt. This is when her cousin approached her about going to Ross Medical Education Center.

When she started her education in the Medical Assistant program at Ross, she was living in the camper. She continued living there throughout the winter, which was one of the coldest winters on record. She survived running out of heat in the camper and had to bundle up in sleeping bags and mattresses just to stay warm. She then moved into a motel room for a month. Not being able to afford the motel, she moved into a friend’s house and slept on the couch. Since then she has been able to move into a home of her own. She stated, “This has not been an easy road and it has been full of struggles, but I know that it is going to be worth it in the long run.”

Courtney is dedicated, a hard worker, and a great role model for others. She completed the program with an impressive attendance rate and a 4.0 GPA. Ginger Rezmer, Assistant Campus Director of Education said of Courtney, “I highly commend this young lady as she has not only overcome so many hard times and obstacles, but has never complained, never asked for help or given up. I look forward to great things for her future.” After finishing the program this spring, Courtney interviewed for various positions before choosing to begin her career as a Medical Scribe at Sterling Area Health Center.