Ross Medical Education Center in Owensboro Graduate Spotlight Owensboro Dental Assistant Haley Knight

Graduate Spotlight: Haley Knight

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Ross Medical Education Center in Owensboro Graduate Spotlight Owensboro Dental Assistant Haley KnightThe Ross Medical Education Center campus in Owensboro, Kentucky has many excellent students and graduates attend their programs. However, there are always some that stick out as exemplary both in their character and their work ethic. Haley Knight, a graduate of Ross’ Dental Assistant program, was one of those students. Haley graduated this September and proved herself to be the kind of student that consistently worked hard to be the best and to encourage and support those around her.

While attending Ross, Haley was working full-time in a retail position. However, despite the long hours and little sleep, she had a strong commitment to excellence, keeping up impressive attendance and working hard to earn good grades. Haley knew she needed to do something that would give her a future and a career. She wanted to make her family proud by furthering her education, and she most certainly succeeded. Throughout her education and hard work, she looked at life with positivity and commitment, determined to follow through with what she had started and to push her classmates and friends to do the same.

Although she suffered some personal tragedies throughout her life, Haley never gave up. She fought to stay strong and persevere until she accomplished all that she had set her mind to. “Her positive attitude and the way she treats others is infectious,” shared LaTasha Shemwell, Owensboro Campus Director. “Haley was one of the most driven and determined students I have ever met. She had a goal to make it in life, to make her parents and herself proud and that is exactly what she did.” In fact, not only was Haley an excellent student, but also was able to secure a position in her field. After completing her externship at Owensboro Family Dentistry and receiving excellent feedback, she was hired full-time a week later at a local office in Owensboro.