Ross Medical Education Center Fint Graduate Spotlight Quateaka Franklin

Graduate Spotlight: Quateaka Franklin

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Ross Medical Education Center Fint Graduate Spotlight Quateaka FranklinRoss Medical Education Center students are no strangers to the balancing act of work, school, and family. Many of them work long hours while furthering their education and still making time for things at home. Quateaka Franklin graduated from the Dental Assistant program at the Flint campus. She not only worked hard to balance everything in her life, she also had multiple obstacles to overcome daily. Some of these were inconveniences such as riding the bus to school and work every day. Others were more overwhelming and difficult like maintaining her home and taking care of her family.

As a person, she is hardworking, honest, and committed. She knows that there is no such thing as impossible as long as you have the willpower to make a difficult change. She also was able to see the bigger picture of why it was important to work hard to improve her life and that of her family. From the moment she started the Dental Assistant program to her very last day, Quateaka maintained perfect attendance throughout the course of the program.

While she was a student at Ross, she also proved herself to be a role model in the classroom and beyond. She was always polite to her classmates, instructors, and the staff at the campus. Her motivation was contagious, constantly inspiring those around her. She is a team player, willing to accept others’ ideas and help them flourish, and in that works very well with fellow students in groups.

Quateaka continued to work full time and raise her two children, but still managed to always find time to study and be diligent with completing her homework. In the classroom, she consistently was focused and on-task, asking intelligent questions. Her eagerness to learn new things was refreshing to instructors, and she was able to catch on to new concepts and information quickly. She was hired right out of her externship, because she always went above and beyond, arriving early and staying late. Everyone that knows Quateaka knows that she will achieve all that she sets her mind to, and the Flint campus’ staff and faculty wish her the best of luck in the future!