Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Medical Assistant Graduate Spotlight Renea Epler

Graduate Spotlight: Renea Epler

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Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Medical Assistant Graduate Spotlight Renea EplerAll of the instructors in the Medical Assistant program at Ross Medical Education Center work hard to prepare each of their students to pass the Registered Medical Assisting Exam offered by American Medical Technologists. They are so proud every time a student comes to the campus with a smile on their face and the paper declaring their victory in their hands. Renea Epler, a graduate of the Ross Medical Assistant program in Fort Wayne, Indiana, began the program like any other student.

Starting last June, she worked hard every day in class to ensure that she was learning all she could in order to succeed in becoming a Registered Medical Assistant, but also because she wanted to be able to provide the best care possible for her future patients. From the very beginning, it was clear that Renea possessed unwavering determination and a desire to always pursue excellence in the Allied Healthcare field.

An excellent student and a hard worker, the Fort Wayne campus sent her off to externship looking forward to what she would achieve, but also knowing that she would be missed. At the end of her externship experience at Reliant Healthcare, her site felt much the same way. They were very sad to see her go. On her last day, they presented her with flowers, a mug, and a card. Their practice administrator also wrote her a sterling letter of recommendation. She shared at length about her calm demeanor, her compassion for her patients, and her exemplary work ethic. Although they were initially sad to lose her, they ended up being able to offer her a position!

After graduating this January, Renea went to sit for the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) Exam. She was just as nervous as every other student that was also there testing. However, after receiving her scores back, she was ecstatic to find out that she not only passed, she received an excellent score. The highest possible score that can be achieved on the RMA Exam is a 99. Renea scored just under perfect with a 98!

The staff and faculty in Fort Wayne is so proud of Renea and the Medical Assistant she is as she enters the field. They know that she is already an extremely valuable asset in her office just because of her character and personality. However, with a score as high as the one that she received, it is also evident that Renea possesses a commanding understanding of what it takes to be a successful Medical Assistant.