Graduate Spotlight: Shannon Harvey

michaelajoy Graduate Spotlights, Michigan, Saginaw

Ross-Medical-Education-Center-Graduate-Spotlight-Shannon-HarveyAt Ross Medical Education Center, many students come in ready to make a change for themselves and their families. One of those students, Medical Assistant graduate Shannon Harvey from the Saginaw campus, was called by her instructor Bonnie Jacobs, “one of the most dedicated students that I have had in my class in years.” In fact, she was not only dedicated to school, but also to her husband and young son. Even after her husband was forced to move out of state for a better job and she and her son weren’t able to see him much, she worked hard to do what she could to advance in her career.

Over the past twelve years, Shannon had started college classes many times, but never finished a degree. She expressed her frustration and felt that the college road was endless. She shared, “I felt like I was at a crossroad in my life. I had no job and could not bring myself to go back to work as a certified nursing assistant. This is what I have been doing for the past twelve years.” Finally, Shannon decided to enroll in the Medical Assistant program at Ross in Saginaw.

However, the story doesn’t end there. Prior to starting class, she got in touch with her cousin who was homeless, jobless, and carless. Shannon invited her to enroll at Ross with her. Much to her excitement, her cousin accepted. Throughout their training, Shannon supplied the ride, which is three hours round trip, and they studied to and from school. During the program, even with so much going on in her own life, she remained a great support system to her cousin and other students.

Shannon is constantly overcoming difficult situations and was able to still maintain a near perfect overall attendance record and a GPA of 3.87. She always went out of her way to assist others and never once complained about her situation. She was an exemplary student and is a great role model for others. After completing the Medical Assistant program and externship, Shannon was hired at Northern Foot and Ankle Center in Oscoda, MI. She loves her new career and looks forward to building a better life for herself and her family.