Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital

Grand Rapids Donates to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

michaelajoy Campus Events, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids Helen DeVos Childrens HospitalOver the holidays, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Grand Rapids joined the corporate office in Grand Rapids to host a drive in order to raise donations for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. When Andrea Heckenmueller, Campus Director, spoke with representatives from the hospital, they expressed that they really needed items for their “poke box.” The representative explained that when children come into the hospital to get a shot, or a “poke,” many of them are scared. To help ease the discomfort, each child is given the opportunity to pick a prize from the poke box after their shot.

The contents of the poke box vary greatly, but many of the prizes that children can choose from include things like sticker books, matchbox/hot wheels cars, playdough, small Lego kits, small craft kits, yes/no books, silly putty, and other small, fun toys for kids of all ages. There is even a special selection just for kids under three years old. Morgan Rapley, from the Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital Foundation said, “Childlife is really excited about the poke box donations from Ross Medical Education Center – with the pre-created list of items, we know that the donations are perfect for placement into poke boxes.”

The Ross staff, faculty, and students also really enjoyed the opportunity to help out in a small way that is sure to make a child smile. Because the items are all small and inexpensive, everyone was able to participate and contribute to the cause. Sonya Boland, Admissions Representative, shared, “this was an amazing opportunity for our Ross community to help and support our local children being healthy and happy.” The campus looks forward to the many children whose day will be brightened by their poke box toys and activities and to supporting Helen DeVos regularly moving forward!

For more information on how you could help Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, visit their Facebook page or their web site at If you are interested in checking out their wish list and making a donation, you can do that here.