Grand Rapids Joins Mel Trotter to Feed Neighbors

michaelajoy Campus Events, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids Mel Trotter Food DriveFrom November 10th through the 23rd, Ross Medical Education Center Corporate Office in Grand Rapids teamed up with the campus in Grand Rapids to participate in the Annual Mel Trotter Ministries Brown Bag Food Drive. This was a great opportunity for the two Ross locations to help provide food for their local Grand Rapids neighbors around the holiday season. “We at Ross continually nourish our students’ minds, however when the body is not nourished the mind does not learn as well,” said Susan Schultheiss, Online Admissions Representative. “This is just another way to nourish our community.”

Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids Mel Trotter Food DriveMel Trotter Ministries runs a shelter and food pantry for those in need. In 2013, Mel Trotter’s Brown Bag Food Drive raised nearly 52,000 pounds of food, yet in the spring the shelves were empty once again so this drive is clearly needed in the community. As Chris Malachino, Assistant Director of Online Admissions, said, “Most of us will never experience real hunger. If we have the means to be able to keep others from that feeling, why not do it? Grace is a simple act with a powerful impact. Just give.” That’s the goal of Mel Trotter – to just give to the needy and hungry in their community.

Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids Mel Trotter Food DriveAll students and employees were encouraged to bring in at least one food item, however many students and employees ended up bringing in 5 or more items, working hard to maximize their efforts before Thanksgiving. The drive was quite a successful with both locations having a high participation rate! Overall, between the campus and the corporate office, over 400 items were collected and donated to Mel Trotter Ministries this year. “During the rush of the holiday season it is easy to forget just how lucky we are to have enough food for family gatherings,” said Jackie Niemiec, Student Support Coordinator. “That is why it is important to not only be thankful for what we have but also do what we can to help less fortunate individuals have a special holiday as well.”

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