Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Pharmacy Technician Guest Speaker Thank You Clement Sayki

Guest Speaker Visits Fort Wayne Pharmacy Technician Class

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Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Pharmacy Technician Guest Speaker Thank You Clement SaykiThis summer, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Fort Wayne had the privilege of hosting Clement Sayki as a guest speaker for the Pharmacy Technician students. It is always an exciting time when students get the opportunity to hear from those working out in the field that they are currently studying in. Sayki is a current student in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Manchester University. He spoke briefly about his program and studies, and he reiterated several times how crucial Pharmacy Technicians are to the profession of pharmacy.

To begin his time in the classroom, Mr. Sayki shared personal reflection on his educational pursuits while relating how Ross students experience very much the same challenges. To hear about the Doctor of Pharmacy students who struggle with particular courses such as Math, the top 200 medications, and insurance billing came as a pleasant surprise to the Pharmacy Technician students. They enjoyed hearing that they were not alone. At times, when students struggle with various courses, they feel like giving up. Hearing from a distinguished guest speaker conveys to Ross students there is no obstacle so great that their goals are unachievable. After the talk, that was the thing that stuck with many of them and continues to encourage them even when things get difficult or they are struggling with an assignment or a class.

Another topic discussed by Mr. Sayki concerned just how important the contributions of Pharmacy Technicians are to the regular operations of a pharmacy. Secondly, he emphasized how these Pharmacy Technicians continuously maintain the movement of pharmacy operations. Lastly, but most important, he emphasized the reality that, without Pharmacy Technicians, the Pharmacist could not sustain their duties and responsibilities. The Pharmacy Technician students were encouraged and all very much enjoyed the way that Sayki was able to cast vision and share from his experience. It was a pleasure to have him at the campus and the staff, faculty, and students all wished him the best on his studies!