Johnson City Helps Women in Red Legacy Recovery

michaelajoy Campus Events, Johnson City, Tennessee

Ross-Medical-Education-Johnson-City-Red-LegacyRecently, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Johnson City was able to partner with Red Legacy Recovery and support the women in the program. Red Legacy Recovery is an organization that works with women that have a history of addiction and are desiring to turn their lives around. They provide many services and support to these women including free GED tutoring, free counseling, and other rehabilitation services. According to their website, Red Legacy Recovery “strive[s] to equip each woman with the tools to be self-sufficient, employed, and self-confident.”

Some of the staff of the Johnson City campus have attended benefit dinners and luncheons in the past to support the program, and they have been very impressed with the mission and success of the organization. Melanie Tucker, Assistant Director of Education at the Johnson City campus, has been able to attend some of the events and hear from survivors firsthand. She has seen the impact that this organization is making on women in her community that are fighting to make a change. Tucker says, “it’s really neat for me to see how the local government and community is working to help these women turn their lives around.” After she and Jammie Cole, Campus Director, shared a bit about their experiences being involved in events with Red Legacy Recovery with the campus, they decided to reach out as a whole and contribute to this worthy cause.

First, some of the campus staff was able to collect and donate $350.00 at a benefit dinner. Then, Ross staff, faculty, and students filled a box with toiletry items for the women. All campus departments and programs participated, donating everyday necessities like deodorant, wipes, and other hygiene items. Tiffany Riddle, Ross Office Assistant, enjoyed the opportunity to help out, saying, “It was inspiring to raise money and items for such a great cause, knowing that these women will hopefully overcome any downfalls and become self-confident, self-empowering, strong women in the community.” Although this was the first drive that the campus has held for Red Legacy Recovery, it won’t be the last; they plan to continue partnering together in the future to support these women in their community.