Ross Medical Education Center Kentwood Feeding America March 2015

Kentwood Helps Feed America

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Ross Medical Education Center Kentwood Feeding America March 2015The Ross Medical Education Center in Kentwood once again held their annual food drive this March. This year they focused all of their attention on helping to support the efforts of Feeding America. The staff, students, and faculty at Ross were very motivated to help, especially as they learned more about the magnitude of the program and the incredible need that it seeks to fill. By the end of the drive, they were able to collect and donate 395 pounds of mixed dry goods to help in these efforts.

Feeding America was started in 1979 as a food warehouse, and it now has grown to be a network of 200 food banks across the nation. In fact, it is the largest domestic food relief organization in the United States. Feeding America is motivated to help because they know that one of ways to maintain health is feed the body nutritious food, however, they also recognize that is not an easy task for all individuals and families. They share on their website, “In the U.S. today, 16 million children face hunger – that’s 1 in 5. Chances are, someone your child goes to school with struggles to get enough to eat.”

For many of the students, this was a very important and impactful opportunity for them. Medical Assistant student Tony Wright shared about the experience, “I think is an amazing idea to participate in community support programs because we are all here to join the medical field. As medical professionals, we will help improve the communities we will work in. Starting now, as students, will help mentally prepare us for the future.” Another of his Medical Assistant classmates, a single mother of two, agreed, “It was very important for me to donate, as I have received help in the past. It was a blessing to me and my sons. I feel it very important to pay it forward.”

To learn more about Feeding America and find a participating food bank location near you, visit their Facebook page or their website at