Ross Medical Education Center Lansing Community Clean Up

Lansing Helps to Clean Up Community

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Ross Medical Education Center Lansing Community Clean UpEach of the Ross Medical Education Center campuses enjoys supporting and bettering the local community. Community service and forming partnerships with businesses and nonprofit organizations is fundamental to the Ross culture. However, sometimes the service that staff, faculty, and students can do to help their community is as simple as cleaning up. Many communities find a lot of trash and debris leftover from the fall and winter that has been covered for months by snow. So, once spring comes and melts it all, the yards and roadsides are littered with all sorts of things. All it takes is a group of people with a little bit of awareness and time to help beautify their community.

Ross Medical Education Center Lansing Community Clean UpThe staff, students, and faculty from the Lansing campus realized that their surrounding area needed a little extra care and notice. So, they organized a community clean up event for the local area around the campus. The students in the Medical Assistant program participated in picking up garbage and debris surrounding the campus. Even though it was hard work, they definitely also enjoyed the benefits of the warm spring weather. However, it was not just the students working hard to clean up. Campus Director Michelle Rodesiler also did not mind getting her hands dirty while working alongside the students.

Although this was a great start, this event was not just an isolated occurrence. Instead, it was the beginning of an initiative that the campus is starting. They want to keep their environments cleaned up and taken care of at home as well as at school. In order to achieve that, the students shared that they plan to participate in cleaning up their personal communities this spring as well. Not only are they working hard to keep things clean, they are challenging their friends, family, and neighbors to take part in making their community clean.