Ross Medical Education Center Ann Arbor Medical Assistant Graduate Spotlight Christina Byrom

Medical Assistant Graduate Spotlight: Christina Byrom

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Ross Medical Education Center Ann Arbor Medical Assistant Graduate Spotlight Christina ByromMany Ross students and graduates are an inspiration to those around them as they juggle school, family, and, in many cases, work. Plus, going back to school can be an overwhelming feat for anyone, but when there are extra pressures, it can seem impossible. Christina Byrom, a graduate of the Ann Arbor Medical Assistant program, knows that going to school while raising young children and dealing with the difficulties that life throws your way is tough, but it’s definitely not impossible!

Christina is a great mother and very dedicated to her family. In fact, her motivation behind going back to school was to help make a better future for herself and her family. However, even though she was motivated, the journey was definitely not a without hardships! In fact, during her time at Ross, she began to suffer from chronic migraines which resulted in missing class time. Around the same time, her youngest son was very sick and ended up being in and out of the hospital several times.

However, even throughout these obstacles, Christina maintained top academic honors and was always on top of every assignment. During the program, all of her classmates respected her, and they knew they could count on her to always be there to help. She was always coming up with fun way to remember things they learned in class. Kathleen Bennett, her Medical Assistant Instructor, said of her, “Christina is a pleasure to have in class, and I know she will be amazing in the healthcare field!”

During Christina’s time at Ross, it was evident that she put her family first and that school came second. However, it was a clear testimony to her character that both her family and her schooling were well taken care of throughout her educational pursuits. No matter what was happening outside of school, she came in ready to work hard and achieve a very high GPA. Whenever a new module started and new students joined the class, Christina was the first one greeting them and giving them a hand no matter how she felt or what had happened in her life that day. Each student that put themselves near her also watched their academic success increase because of her determination, support, and encouragement. The Ann Arbor campus is so proud of Christina and all that she has achieved!