Ross Medical Education Center Medical Assistant Instructor Brittany Taylor Master Teacher Award

Medical Assistant Instructor Spotlight: ABHES Honorable Mention Brittany Taylor

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Ross Medical Education Center Medical Assistant Instructor Brittany Taylor Master Teacher AwardThis year at the 15th Annual National Conference on Allied Health Education hosted by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), one of Ross’ own was recognized and celebrated. Brittany Taylor is an instructor in the Medical Assistant program at the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Port Huron, Michigan. She was nominated for this award by her campus leadership and was honored to receive the Honorable Mention for the Master Teacher Award. “The genius behind Brittany Taylor’s teaching techniques is not one of complicated theories,” shared Assistant Campus Director of Education Stacey Clark. “She is simply doing what she loves, and her passion for teaching ignites a fire in her students.”

“When reviewing the criteria for the Master Teacher Award, one specific instructor comes to mind, Brittany Taylor, RMA. She personifies and embraces the art of being an educator. The techniques used in her classroom are as interesting and unique as she is. She engages learners utilizing multimedia, technology, e-learning tools and simulations. This instructor creates innovative educational strategies to teach essential life skills to her students. The instructor’s technique is so fun and engaging that other Faculty have taken notice and have begun to utilize the resources this instructor has created for her students.

“Brittany possesses the characteristics of a true professional. She is a genuine role model for her students and for her fellow co-workers. Brittany displays professional behaviors every day. There are many positive words that can be used to describe Brittany Taylor. She is dedicated, loyal, hard-working, compassionate, empathetic, engaging, skilled, educated, and creative. These words describe only a small part of this exceptional instructor. She is punctual, polite, considerate and aware of the needs of her students and her co-workers. Brittany Taylor graduated from Ross Medical Education Center in 2012. She was hired at her externship site and continues to work with the same physicians. Brittany moved quickly into the role of Back Office Manager in this same practice. In 2016, Brittany became an Instructor for the Administrative Medical Assisting classroom at Ross Medical Education Center in Port Huron. From the moment this instructor began her teaching career at Ross Medical Education Center in Port Huron she has exceeded expectations of her supervisors.

“Brittany has a unique style when reviewing lectured material. Growing up, Brittany loved game shows. A love she still embraces today. Brittany is a fan of The Game Show Channel. She uses this resource to bring in new, engaging review ideas to her classroom. In addition, she spends her time scouring garage sales in the summer months to find board games she can make into classroom reviews. Currently she has Pictionary man, game show buzzers, blockbuster grids, and Jeopardy. She uses the overhead projector to play her blockbuster game as well as the resources on Kahoot and Quizlet. Brittany has cleaned out the local Dollar Stores of their popsicle sticks to make her Med Term sticks matching game. She plays the game very similar to the game of spoons. Students pass the sticks around the table or dig through a pile of sticks with word parts on them to form the word she has given the definition for. She is always trying to make her reviews fun and entertaining, allowing her students to learn even when they think they are just having fun.

“Brittany is aware of her students at all times. When a student is struggling she will change up her method to try and reach every student in the room. Her students appreciate the additional assistance and thought put into every lesson.

“Brittany also has the best outlook on life. No matter what personal struggles she may be facing, her students are never aware because she always smiles and only uses positive messages. When thinking of Brittany Taylor, a quote from George Couros comes to mind. “The curriculum tells you ‘what’ not ‘how.’ The ‘how’ is the artistry in education.” Brittany certainly brings the artistry into the classroom. The innovative techniques used to teach and enlighten her students are like no other.

“It is with great pride and honor that we nominate Brittany Taylor for the 2018 Master Teacher Award.”