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Morgantown Brings Holiday Cheer to Madison Center

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Ross Medical Education Center Morgantown Madison Center WreathsDuring the holiday season of 2013, the staff, students, and faculty of Ross Medical Education Center in Morgantown created cards for residents of the local Madison Center. They were hoping to brighten the holidays for the many short term and long term residents at the facility. However, this year they decided to take the good tidings one step further. As the year wound down, students went to work making festive tulle wreaths to be placed in residents’ rooms. More than 25 decorative wreaths were made to bring a little bit of holiday cheer to the center. The Campus Director, Kim Hilling, the students, and the rest of the staff and faculty team were so happy to see the delight on the faces of Madison Center staff member and how the residents’ faces lit up as the wreaths were being brought in to the recreation room.

Ross Medical Education Center Morgantown Madison Center WreathsThe Madison Center is a Morgantown facility that provides skilled nursing, medical and rehabilitative care for patients and residents. They provide long term care and short term rehabilitation. Their clinicians and staff are determined to implement the personalized care program of each patient and resident to ensure that they have the best opportunity to recover and have improved well-being. The Madison Center has been the recipient of the National Quality Award at the Gold Award level – the highest possible honor. This commitment to quality comes from their motto: “Rehab to Home is Our #1 Goal!”

Everyone on the campus loved the opportunity to brighten the season for the patients and residents at Madison Center. Rebecca Keener, Medical Assistant Instructor, said, “I enjoy seeing the smiling faces on the residents at the Madison when we give them the wreaths for their rooms.” The campus’ Director, Kim Hilling, agreed and was touched personally, saying, “The Madison took such time and care with my father-in-law when he was rehabilitating there, I enjoy stopping in to see the residents and how they are doing. Their faces light up when we come in to their rooms.”

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