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Muncie Goes Green With the RossCyclers!

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Ross Medical Education Center Muncie RossCyclers RecyclingRoss Medical Education Center staff, students, and faculty in Muncie, IN know that the world depends on us to take care of it. They believe that it’s our job to help out in any way that we can. They realized that, as a school, they would go through a LOT of paper every day, and they wanted to do something to help. So, as soon as this campus opened its doors, Shelby Sanders, Financial Aid Student Services Representative, decided to start the RossCyclers, a campus-wide recycling program. She connected with the Muncie Sanitary District and found out that they offer coupons that can be used at various local stores and redeemed for free packages of blue recycling bags!

The Muncie Sanitary District (MSD) began this program in order to encourage the practice of recycling by city residents and businesses. Their slogan, “Blue is the New Green!,” is a strong reminder to recycle and “stay green” while using their free blue recycling bags. Shelby Sanders began to place the blue bags around the Muncie campus and to encourage everyone there to toss their paper, cardboard, cans, and bottles in those instead of the garbage. Since the beginning of the RossCyclers, Sanders and Sara Sloan, Office Assistant, have been taking bags full of recycling to the processing center weekly.

As a city, Muncie has an impressive track record for being environmentally-friendly. According to the MSD’s website, they have won the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence and the Residential Recycling Conference Green City Award. The goal of being green has caught on at Ross in Muncie and they are now reaching out to other campuses to encourage them to follow suit. The whole campus is loving the opportunity to join the effort that is already alive and well in their city! Do your part to go green in your own home and community!