Ross Medical Education Center New Campus Staff Kalamazoo Michigan

New Ross Medical Campus Opens in Kalamazoo

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Ross Medical Education Center New Campus Staff Kalamazoo MichiganAt Ross, we get excited when new campuses open because we know that with that new campus comes new opportunities for the community. One of our newest campuses just recently opened in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Just under 10 miles northwest of our Ross campus in Portage, we opened a campus on the west edge of the city to better serve the Kalamazoo area and surrounding communities.

Right now, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Kalamazoo offers healthcare training in the following programs:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration
  • Dental Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician

The Medical Assistant program in Kalamazoo is a great option for those that want to work directly with patients as part of the healthcare team. In the Ross Medical Assistant program, students will receive instruction on administrative as well as clinical tasks and procedures. A few of those on the clinical side include injections, phlebotomy (blood draws), EKGs, and assisting with patient exams and procedures. On the administrative side are things like charting, electronic records, and some billing and coding. This skill set is varied and gives students and graduates greater flexibility and more potential opportunities.

For those students that want to be a part of the healthcare field but aren’t looking to work as much directly with patients, the Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration program in Kalamazoo may be a perfect fit. The purpose of the program is prepare students for a medical billing and coding career or another medical administration position. This Ross program seeks to prepare students to be a part of what goes on in a medical office. They will receive instruction on manual and electronic records, medical coverage options, and insurance companies. They will also be instructed on anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology in order to help them identify medical necessity and medical billing and coding errors.

In the Kalamazoo Dental Assistant program, students will receive instruction on the many tasks and topics in the daily life of a dental assistant. Some of those skills include the basics of chair-side assisting, restorative properties, and making impressions, molds, and fabrications. Dental x-ray processing using manual and automatic methods will be practiced. Students will get the opportunity to identify errors and demonstrate corrective measures. Practicing infection control, OSHA standards, and taking vital signs as a response to a dental emergency will be part of the Kalamazoo Dental Assistant training as well. Students will also get administrative training and practice with charting, insurance claims, and more.

For those interested in working as part of the pharmacy team, Ross offers a Pharmacy Technician program in Kalamazoo. The Pharmacy Technician program provides students with instruction on how to assist a licensed pharmacist. Instructors will provide a variety of important skills and information in classes covering pharmacy ethics and law, microbiology, medical terminology, dosages, and much more. Students will also get practice performing important duties related to drug procurement and inventory control like manufacturing and packaging, compounding, and other essential tasks.

Hear from the Ross Kalamazoo staff & faculty!

Ross Medical Education Center New Campus Staff Kalamazoo Michigan
“I chose to be part of the Ross family because I love being part of something positive, progressive, and meaningful. Everyday I get to play a part in students transforming into a better version of themselves.”
Dorinda Loucks, Associate Director

“I believe in what we do and that is helping people change their lives for the better.”
Stacy Hawkins, Assistant Campus Director of Admissions

“My daughter attended Ross so I knew first hand that Ross was the type of environment that I wanted to be part of. Ross does great things for their students and their community.”
Lynn Page, Career Services Student Support Representative

“I was encouraged to be part of the Ross family by friends that had been working for Ross for years. Ross’ Core Values align with my own and I love working with students.”
Marlo Watkins, Office Assistant

“My previous work experience in the medical and education world may have led me here, but I wanted to work for Ross for the opportunities they can offer me to grow as a young professional. The excitement of being a part of the team to start up a campus also really intrigued me, it is a unique experience that will help me develop professionally. I look forward to working with and learning from the rest of my team as we get the Kalamazoo campus up and running. We are all diving head first into this adventure making sure the classrooms are ready to roll, getting our materials in order, and all the other little details that are needed to ensure we are one of the best. It’s opportunities like this, to try something new and learn from the best, that drew me to Ross.”
Jordyn Courtright, Office Assistant

“I went into the medical field to help and show compassion to others. I chose Ross as a platform to teach others those same values and skills.”
Andrea Page, Medical Assistant Instructor

If you are interested in learning more, the Kalamazoo staff and faculty would love for you to come by the campus in person for information and a tour of the campus at 5177 W. Main Street, Suite A, Kalamazoo, MI 49009. You can also check Ross out by filling out a form on Ross Medical Education Center’s website or heading over to the Ross Medical Education Center Facebook page!