Ross Medical Education Center Niles Steam Academy of Warren School Supply Drive

Niles Donates School Supplies to Steam Academy of Warren

michaelajoy Campus Events, Niles, Ohio

Ross Medical Education Center Niles Steam Academy of Warren School Supply DriveThis August, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Niles decided to organize their first ever school supply drive. Many of the Ross campuses work hard in the late summer months to support the families and children in their communities with school supplies. Many families struggle to purchase school supplies for each of their school-aged children each fall. The drive was decided on after one of the Career Development Representatives suggested that they donate to Steam Academy of Warren.

After the suggestion, Campus Director Shayla Gainer visited Steam Academy of Warren’s website and discovered that they accept homeless children in the area. These children are able to participate in any of the educational programs as well as nutritional programs. Participation in their programs can be for the full duration of their homelessness or the school year. Steam Academy of Warren also offers transportation and additional services to students without addresses. “It was an honor to contribute to the school,” said Shayla Gainer.

Once the staff, faculty, and students were informed about the cause and the drive, they were very eager to be a part of helping to pave the way to make this school year a successful one for all of the children that would receive the school supplies. The campus held a contest from August 10th – August 31st during which all programs participated and donated. The class that donated the most items was the evening Medical Assistant class that donated over 90 of the 300 items that were delivered to Steam Academy of Warren on September 4th. “I know what it’s like to go without school supplies. This was my chance to give back to my community and help out some children. It made me feel good” shared Amanda Prater, a Dental Assistant student at Ross Education. “I hope to be able to participate in something like this again.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Steam Academy of Warren or how you can support them, visit their Facebook page or their website at