Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Mosaic Church Food Drive

Ontario Joins Mosaic Church to Feed their Community

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Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Mosaic Church Food DriveThis November, the staff, students, and faculty of Ross Medical Education Center in Ontario wanted to think of themselves less and give to those in need in their community. This year, they decided to do this by organizing a holiday food drive for Mosaic Church in Mansfield, Ohio. The drive was held for two weeks and Thanksgiving week the students really stepped up the giving and filled the donation box nearly every day of the short week! By the end of the drive, they were able to donate nearly 20 boxes – over 300 items – to the church for their food pantry.

Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Mosaic Church Food DriveThe staff and congregation of Mosaic Church are very active in the community as a whole church; anytime there is a need, they are there wanting to help. In order to do this even better, they run a food pantry that gives out groceries to the needy in the community each week. Each year, many families are in need of food for Thanksgiving and the food pantry is essentially emptied. The church then has to scramble to stock up in time for Christmas. However, this year, they were thankful to receive the donations from the Ontario campus as they were able to replenish much of what had been given out for Thanksgiving.

Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Mosaic Church Food DriveThe students were very enthusiastic about helping this powerful force in their community to serve the less fortunate. They overwhelmed the staff with their generosity. Erin Slusher, Financial Aid Student Services Representative, said, “I was very impressed with the way that the students all came together and the amount of food that they collected. It was amazing to watch them really step it up to give to someone else.” The church was very grateful too; they got together a group to meet the van and carry all the food inside to restock their shelves.

If you are interested in supporting Mosaic Church, visit their website at or their Facebook page.