Ross Medical Education Center Kentwood Pharmacy Technician Graduate Spotlight Desi Coleman

Pharmacy Technician Graduate Spotlight: Desiree Coleman

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Ross Medical Education Center Kentwood Pharmacy Technician Graduate Spotlight Desi ColemanAt Ross, many students come to our schools to change their futures and the futures of their families. They discover that there are things they can do that they never had dreamed possible, and they achieve great things. Many of our students also encounter tough circumstances and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles on their way to success. However, some students turn around and inspire those around them as well, encouraging their classmates, instructors, and campus staff members.

Desi Coleman, a graduate of the Pharmacy Technician program in Kentwood, Michigan is a perfect example of one of those inspirational graduates. Her instructor, Lindy Weiland, even decided to nominate her for the Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools (MACCS) Award. She shared, “Desi is an inspiration to me as an instructor. She is the most positive student I have ever taught, and I’ve been teaching for seven years.”

Positivity was something that had to be fought for in Desi’s life though. She comes from a family of 12 children and has dealt with negativity her whole life. Although her large family is full of people that dearly love her, she has shared that it’s always been easy to get lost in sheer numbers. She credits her faith as her rock, and school as but a stepping stone to greater possibilities. Beyond her immediate biological family, Desi has seen herself since the beginning of her program as an advocate for her family of pharmacy technician students and as a mentor to her nieces and nephews.

Things in the classroom weren’t always easy for Desi either. She had a shaky start, failing her first module at Ross. However, instead of giving up and calling it a failure, she decided to get up and try again. Since then she has achieved good grades, excellent attendance, and always maintained a positive attitude. She was especially strong in her communication skills, taking part in class discussions readily. “Desi is an instructor’s dream,” said Lindy Weiland, Pharmacy Technician Instructor in Kentwood. “She types up answer sheets for her classmates, keeps our classroom calendar up-to-date, fixes computer printers, and more, all without being asked!”

Since graduating this June, Desi has continued her job at the Walgreen’s pharmacy and looks forward to all that the future holds for her! The Ross in Kentwood staff and faculty could not be more proud of her and her accomplishments and determination!