Ross College Quad Cities Tissues for Teachers

Quad Cities Collects Tissues for Teachers & Students

michaelajoy Campus Events, Iowa, Quad Cities

Ross College Quad Cities Tissues for TeachersAt the end of last year, the Ross College Quad Cities, Iowa campus hosted a “Tissues for Teachers” community service project. They were excited to impact their local community greatly by providing an impoverished school with much needed supplies that people generally do not think about beyond the start of the school year. Typically around the winter months, the inventory the classrooms have run out quickly without the resources to replace them as needed. The tissues were donated by the Ross Quad Cities campus at the time of year when cold and flu season is just beginning, so it was in perfect timing!

This community event was simple to participate in, but it was highly valued by not only the faculty and staff of Monroe Elementary in Davenport, Iowa but by the families of all the children that attend this school. A lot is asked of these families, teachers, and school administration throughout the school year, both financially and of their time. Having something as simple as their child’s Kleenex supply refurbished by someone else is very much appreciated.

Because this need is one that is often overlooked and not thought of, this campus drive was a small but meaningful way to improve the lives of others. Not only did it fill a need in the classroom, it was also a great opportunity to set a valuable example of how service to the community can help so many in such a unique way. “We had a large level of participation with this event because everyone has had experience with runny noses and lack of needed supplies at their children’s schools. All of our faculty and staff and the majority of our students donated tissues for this event,” shared Jennifer Jackson, Quad Cities Campus Director. The campus looks forward to partnering with their local schools more in the future.