The Red Cross Blood Mobile Visits Ross in Bowling Green

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Ross Medical in Bowling Green hosts Blood Drive
On February 6, 2014 the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Bowling Green, KY partnered with the American Red Cross of South Central Kentucky for a community blood drive. The Red Cross Blood Mobile set up shop in front of the campus and we had great participation from both our students and the community. A total of 17 Units were donated by Ross students! Of the 17 students who donated, 11 of those were first time donors. When asked why she donated, Kaitlyn Lynn said,

“Because I know that it can help save the life of another person.”

Rhonda Birchell, from the American Red Cross, came to school before the drive and talked to the students about the importance of donating and who receives the donations. She also spoke to the students about nutrition and the difficulty of working with their demographic to get donations. Often they have the biggest struggle because of not eating right, late hours studying, and working, causing their iron levels to be too low to donate.