Ross Medical Education Center Supports KIPP Houston After Hurricane Harvey

Ross Campuses Come Together to Support KIPP Houston in Hurricane Harvey’s Wake

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, as the news was filled with the devastation experienced by those in and around Houston, Ross Medical Education Center and Ross College campuses were overwhelmed by students and staff asking how Ross could help. One of the things that has always set Ross apart is the generosity and compassion of the staff, faculty, and students that make up the Ross family. The campuses came together and sprung into action, coming up with a plan to stand with and support the families of the Houston area as they sought to rebuild their lives, homes, and communities.

In the search for the best recipient of resources, helping students and their families seemed to be the way to go, and one educational system stuck out. KIPP Houston Public Schools was founded in 1994 in Houston. Since then, they have expanded to 209 schools across 20 states, serving approximately 88,000 students. Houston, as the founding city, is home to 28 schools and 14,500 of their students, affectionately referred to as KIPPsters. They work hard to give the best chance possible to their students and graduates, many of them coming from low-income communities. They are making a real impact through their efforts. In Houston, only 10.6% of students from low-income communities go on to graduate from college, however, 50% of KIPPsters from these same communities graduate from college.

As soon as they found KIPP Houston Public Schools, it was clear that they were a perfect match for Ross. Both educational institutions pride themselves on helping their students and graduates to create better and more meaningful futures for themselves through education and commitment. The campuses were given a list of needed items from the school system and got to work collecting as many items as they could to show Houston that there are people all over the midwest that support them and want to help.

Throughout the week, from Tuesday, September 5th through Friday, September 8th, tables, boxes, and bags were filled at Ross campuses across eight states. Students and staff enthusiastically gave, honored to be an encouragement and a helping hand in this time of need for the families of KIPP Houston. Each of the Ross College and Ross Medical Education Center campuses worked to collect as much as possible throughout the short week. By the end of the drive, Ross as a whole was able to box up and ship over 3000 pounds of supplies, clothing, and toiletry items to KIPP Houston.

“It was inspiring to witness such an outpouring of support from all of the Ross campuses for the families in the KIPP Houston Public Schools,” said Mia Vargo, Campus Director at Ross Medical Education Center in Port Huron, Michigan. “My hope is that they feel the support of their Ross neighbors in their time of need.” Debbie Majinska, Office Assistant at Ross Medical Education Center in Lansing, Michgan agreed, “it was impressive to see the way the Ross staff and students pulled together as one big family to make a substantial contribution to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. It was an honor for all of us to be part of such a worthwhile effort to support our fellow Americans during this tragic time in their lives.”

KIPP representatives are very grateful for the supplies that they will be able to put directly into the hands of students and families in need. “We are grateful to all those who have given money and time to help get Houston back on its feet – both locally and nationwide,” said KIPP Co-Founder Mike Feinberg. “We are committed to assisting our KIPP Houston team and family and the city to rebuild and thrive.” The Ross community continues to stand with Houston and the KIPP Houston Public Schools.

If you are interested in making a donation to help supplement the needs of KIPP Houston families, visit their donation page at