Ross College Sylvania Book Drive

Ross College Donates Books to Inner-City Schools

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Ross College Sylvania Book DriveRoss Education is passionate about education. That’s why they focus on high-quality training for their students and work to improve the quality of life for their neighbors through various events through the year. They know that a huge part of a child’s education is through reading and imagination. That’s why this spring, the staff, faculty, and students of the Ross College campus in Sylvania pulled together to help make the world a little more adventurous for children by donating books for inner city school libraries.

Many schools throughout the country lack the proper funding to update their library books, and many others don’t even have the ability to provide books for their students at all. Everyone from the Ross College campus was able to reminisce on their own literary adventures as young students. They know how important books are in fueling kids’ minds and imaginations. So, to support these schools and children in them, Ross College students donated 139 paperback and hardback books to local schools that provide services to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

It was a fun drive for those at the campus, as they were able to look back on books that they had read as children. The Assistant Director of Education at Ross College, Abigail Chelstowski, said, “I remember reading some of these books when I was in 5th grade, those were the days.” Mark Forsythe, Campus Director in Ross College, was also excited about the impact that this drive and others like it could have. “We are hoping that by providing an opportunity for children to read more that they will explore the world through books,” he shared about their vision. “Books provide a journey for those who allow themselves to be captivated by their stories.” The campus looks forward to doing more drives like this in the future to encourage education and imagination in inner city schools.