Ross College Hopkinsville Gives Goodies to Police Officers

Ross College in Hopkinsville Makes “Survival Kits” for Local Police Officers

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Ross College Hopkinsville Gives Goodies to Police OfficersJust after the holidays wrapped up, the students of the Ross College Hopkinsville, Kentucky campus weren’t done making a difference in their community. In honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on January 9th, members of the campus made survival kits for the Hopkinsville Police Department! Kits included goodies with positive messages and fun puns to help remind officers that all their hard work is appreciated by both the campus and members of the community.

Some of the goodies included different types of candies, nuts, and chocolate bars, each with its own unique saying to go along with the type of candy. Some examples of the messages included on the bags were:

  • Lifesavers – to remind you of the many times you’ve been one
  • Smarties – to give you wisdom to make those split second decisions
  • Gum – to help stick together

Ross College Hopkinsville Gives Goodies to Police OfficersAccording to, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is an annual event on January 9th of every year where members of local communities are encouraged to take time to show their support for law enforcement agencies. Some ways they recommend that community members support local officers include wearing blue for the day in support of law enforcement, sending a card of support to your local police department, and sharing positive stories about your experiences with law enforcement officers on social media.

Ross College’s Assistant Campus Director of Admissions Barry Massie said “I thought it was something that would not only bring awareness to the community for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, but to show appreciation for our local police force as well.” The staff, faculty, and students at the Hopkinsville campus agreed. They were honored to take the time and make this small gesture to let their hometown heroes know that they are appreciated. The officers that received the “survival kits” were very appreciative and were excited to dig into the goodies.