Ross College Sylvania Poison Control Learners for Life Child Development Center

Ross College Pharmacy Technician Students Teach Preschool

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Ross College Sylvania Poison Control Learners for Life Child Development CenterRoss Education students in each of the programs love to visit local elementary schools to give demonstrations and work with the children of their community. This spring, the Pharmacy Technician students from Ross College in Sylvania got their opportunity. They were thrilled when they had the chance to visit Learners for Life Child Development Center! During their time there, they got to teach preschool children between the ages of three and five about medication safety and poison prevention, all while having fun!

Ross-College-Sylvania-Poison-Control-Learners-for-Life-Child-Development-CenterThe campus’ Pharmacy Technician students were able to share their pharmacy knowledge at the children’s level. They were also very glad to increase awareness in their community about accidental poisoning. With the help of Mr. Yuk, a character who helps distinguish good from bad, the students were able to communicate the dangers of eating or drinking chemicals and medications. In addition to talking with the children, Pharmacy Technician students handed out stickers, coloring books, crayons, and pamphlets with the poison control number and information about common hazards. The teachers and children were also given “Mr. Yuk” stickers to place on “bad” household items or medications.

Using Mr. Yuk, the Ross students helped the children choose between candy and food items that look very similar to harmful or poisonous materials. The children were excited to share what they knew about the harmful consequences of eating things they should not, like getting a tummy ache or going to the hospital. Abby Chelstowski, Assistant Campus Director of Education, enjoyed hearing the stories of the students when they came back to campus. She shared, “it was a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved.” The Pharmacy Technician faculty and students couldn’t agree more! Many of them expressed how this visit made a great impact on them, and they look forward to more opportunities to teach children and families about poison control safety.