Ross College Sylvania Walk to end Alzheimer's 2017

Ross College in Sylvania Walks to End Alzheimer’s

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Ross College Sylvania Walk to end Alzheimer's 2017Recently the Ross College students in Sylvania, Ohio joined forces at the walk to end Alzheimer’s. The University of Toledo hosted the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on campus on a Saturday morning, and the entire community united as one. The Ross Sylvania Team arrived sporting their purple, custom-made Ross College tee-shirts and walked proudly through rain and shine to support a cause that many hold near and dear.

Together the Toledo area raised over $170,000 and Ross College was a proud contributor. Ross College of Sylvania set a goal of over $2,000 to be raised and donated to the cause of ending Alzheimer’s. Students from all programs, staff, and faculty united as a solitary unit to represent how important it is to educate and raise awareness about this debilitating disease.

As walkers arrived to the event, the walkways were all lined with spinning colorful flowers all representing how Alzheimer’s has affected each person. They were there for walkers to “pick” and carry during the walk. There were orange flowers to be picked by those who were there as an amazing support system. Yellow flowers were carried by those who cared for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s. Many carried purple flowers that signified losing someone to Alzheimer’s. Finally, blue flowers were available for those who suffered from the disease. All of these flowers were planted in the lawns but slowly dispersed and sprinkled throughout the crowd as the walk began.

There were local companies surrounding a large fountain, there to show their support and offer their services to those in need. There was a kids’ area for all the children to dress up and play in. Children could sport purple hair, decorate flyers, blow bubbles, and play games. There were storm troopers from Star Wars roaming the entire campus for great photo ops. Many mascots of all animal species were scattered throughout the mix of walkers and supporters. Each and every person there was there for a reason, for a cause. “That cloudy Saturday morning we were there, as one,” shared Campus Director Mark Robson. “As one, we were there to raise funds as well as awareness – one team who fought against Alzheimer’s, one team that Ross College of Sylvania was proud to be a part of.”