Ross College Dresch-Tolson Dental Laboratory Sylvania

Ross College Visits Dental Lab

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Ross College Dresch-Tolson Dental Laboratory SylvaniaThe Dental Assistant class from the Ross College campus in Sylvania recently had the wonderful educational opportunity to visit a local full service dental lab, Dresch/Tolson Dental Laboratories. The students had looked forward to the trip and loved every moment of seeing how everything at the laboratory was done. They asked many questions and discussed amongst themselves some of those things that surprised and impressed them.

While the students were at the dental lab, they were able to see how dentures were constructed from start to finish. They got to watch the entire production from baseplate and bite rims to wax up try-ins. Later, they saw the process of making porcelain fused to metal crowns. Again they were able to follow the entire process, from spruing to investing to putting in opaque and porcelain. There was also an orthodontics section and students watched as retainers were processed. Then they got to go into the model room in order to be able to see how impressions were double poured to make dies. Lastly they saw how digital cad cam crowns were milled and baked to have a nice glaze.

Dresch-Tolson Dental Laboratory celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Since opening in 1915, they have been building relationships with many of the organizations that participate in the dental industry. They have also been diligent to push ahead and employ the latest and best technology. Their staff has many years of experience and works hard to stay at the top of their field.

It was an incredible educational experience for all of the students that had the opportunity to go. For many students, some of the most impactful learning experiences happen beyond the classroom. That is why Ross gives every student the opportunity to practice their skills and learn more through their externship program and many instructors seek out valuable experiences through tours and field trips.

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